Dubai Professional CV

What is a CV?

A CV (also known as a Curriculum Vitae, or résumé), is a written overview of your skills, education, and work experience. 

When a Jobseeker wants to apply for a job, then he sends his CV to the employer. 

How to Create a Professional CV

The CV is your most important weapon to win the battle of getting a good job in the UAE. Your CV is your marketing. An employer guesses your personality from your CV. That’s the reason most of the time people get rejected even they are qualified for the job.

Therefore it is highly recommended to create a Professional CV to get a job easily.
Following are some major points to keep in mind while creating a CV.

1. Always use a Professional Photo
2. Email account should be under your name (recommended)
3. Mention your experience in bold letters and always on the Top as shown in my video.
4. Always read the description of the job and set your CV accordingly.
5. Watch my video on YouTube for further details on how to create a Professional CV

Download the sample CV for Dubai Jobs:
Click on the following link

Download Sample CV For Dubai Jobs

Watch a Step By Step Video on how to Create a CV:

Jobs for Diploma Holders in Dubai:

                 Dubai is a beautiful place and a huge market for everyone, either a job seeker or a job provider. This is the beauty of Dubai that it accommodates all category people and it offers a lot of opportunities for everyone.
Usually, people do not encourage to have a diploma in a particular field they only believe in Degree, which is in my opinion not true. Diploma holders are the practical people and they deserve the same opportunities as degree holders. I am not saying that the degree holders and the diploma holders are the same but in many countries, diploma holders get the same education as the degree holders and with extra benefit from some practical experience.

Dubai offers a lot of opportunities for diploma holders and there are plenty of jobs for them.
The only thing is skills of finding a job. Surfing the internet is actually a skill. It depends upon a person how technically he/she use the internet to find a job in Dubai.

I have explained each and everything for diploma holders and plus the degree holders that how they can apply for a job in Dubai. All aspects have been defined in detail in my following videos. So it is recommended to check out the following videos. Click the following link

10th Pass Jobs and Diploma Holders job in Dubai

Teaching Jobs in Dubai, Teachers Salary in Dubai:

Teaching is a beautiful profession, very respectful and sophisticated. No doubt the teacher plays an important role in building a society they are responsible to educate the eras. The countries show much respect for teachers always rides in the boat of success.

                Dubai is one of the best places for Teachers. I would highly recommend choosing Dubai, UAE for a beautiful future. Dubai offers a lot of opportunities for Teachers. There are different sectors of Government, private and semi-government. Therefore the range of salaries is different in different sectors. From very low to high its starts from 2500 AED to 30,000 AED (or even above) a month depending on experience.

For more details and how to find a Teaching Job in Dubai watch the following video.

 Teaching Jobs, Scope and Salaries in Dubai:

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